Tides of Time and Knowledge

Exploring the state of Sarashwathi

Sayadar is guest logging for Rethgar. (Captains log, the date is 10.29.11)

By the start of this log, Elora and Harkaan stands in the same spot as we left them last time, they quickly start by heading in to town where both new and old faces awaited them.
As they enter the town limits, Elora stops a pocket thief from getting away, she returns the stolen copper and teaches the thief a lesson before handing him 5 gold out of the group’s combined funds.

Just then a tall and elegant figure steps out of the shadows, Sayadar unites with the group and gets introduced to Harkaan the blunt and vulgar, jet abnormally tall male dragon born.

The group starts looking for new clues for the quest they’re on, one of the heroes get’s a lead saying that a Deva has been observed wandering through the town.

Our heroes start looking for the Deva and it doesn’t take too much time before they find him, the Deva has his face planted in a mystical book which he seems very attached to.

Sayadar bravely approaches the Deva asking but only one mere question, “My dear Deva, Will you join us in a search for epic glory, quests and loot!?” The Deva can’t say anything but “Yes” to this epic question of awesome!

Our heroes now four out of six, was heading for the tavern when they suddenly noticed a strange looking tower, after having asked the guard sayadar told his comrades that the tower was where all of the towns bows were made, of course he had to Dum it down a notch but you get the draft.

After a few pleasantries on a shit hole of a bar, Elora and Harkaan had split up, the main reason being that Elora got scared and ran back to the tavern, and Harkaan enjoyed the company of his fellow kind for a bit longer, at a later hour as Harkaan was heading for the tavern, a mystic goblin tricked him into a challenge which later on turned out to be a scam, and the group lost 100 Gold.

Feeling a little stupid two of the heroes decided to try their luck in a game of dice, Sayadar and Harkaan had the winning streak of the century and made a good amount of about 180 gold pieces. Sayadar noticed that the bar lady received gold from people venturing upstairs, he decided to try the facilities seeing as he and Harkaan had won back all the gold and more, than they had lost earlier.

Mean while Harkaan walked all the way back to the Boarding House where he joined Elora and Hiyal (The Deva) for some ale and wine, Elora proclaimed she wanted to have a threesome but was rejected by Hiyal, therefore they all went to sleep later joined by a drunk Sayadar who had a wild night out.

The day after the reasonably sober group of heroes lead by a sleepy Eladrin, ventured down to the docs where they learned about a ship with goods such as marble, timber and grain had shipwrecked at the maw as they got out of course, 13 men were missing and no one had heard from the ship. Sayadar figured that they should get a map and bought one.

The group went back to the inn after having bought a monocle to Hiyal.

Also the filthy kobold Skargul joined the heroes.



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