Shipsail Lumber Camp

Positioned on the edge of the vast forests of northern Arroway, the Shipsail Lumber Co. have started a logging operation. A military fort has been erected on the coast where the encampment originally was placed, and serves as a point of control for the Lydian Empire, the main owners of the company. The logging camp itself is about 10 km inland from the fort and consists of little more than simple shacks and tents for the workers, with a simple sawmill somewhat closer to the fort.

The camp is staffed primarily with contract workers from the surrounding areas: Minotaurs and dwarves, but also employs a contingent of human workers. Being very temporary, the camp offers few services outside rudimentary blacksmithing and the possibility for a warm meal and a (relatively) safe place to sleep.

At the fort, one can find a fletcher, an armourer, a weaponsmith and a leatherworker employed by the garrison stationed. The commander of the fort is a naval officer rotated from Arroway City on a bimonthly basis, with his or her own officers of choice, but with the Keye Ebonfall, a dragonborn lieutenant permanently stationed both as overseer for the logging operation and the soldiers present.

Currently, the frigate Mephisto is anchored by the fort, and Commander Brereus Korthan has assumed command over the fort and lumber camp.

Overhead view of the fort protecting the logging operation.

Recently, lumberjacks have gone missing without a trace, and the fort, as well as the lumber camp, have been attacked by another force than the local Wilden tribes, commonly referred to simply as “The Forest”.

Shipsail Lumber Camp

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