Elora Lightwatcher – Elf Female Cleric
Elora is a female elf, devoted servent of Melora.

Harrowmist – Elf Male Avenger
Harrowmist likes drinking, smoking, apples and expensive clothing.

Harkaan – Dragonborn Male Fighter
Harkaan is an abnormally tall Dragonborn, a former mercenary.

Hiyal – Deva Male Wizard
Hiyal is a young male Deva, thirsting for knowledge.

Rethgar – Human Male Paladin
Rethgar is a Lawful Good servent of Bahamut.

Sayadar – Eladrin Male Rogue
Sayadar is, “The Prettiest Face in Town”.


Duke Jamneiros of Saraswathi
The ruler of Saraswathi

Skargul – Kobold Male Wyrmpriest
Wyrmpriest does not like getting his testicles kicked.



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