The Windseeker

The ship given to our heroes as a reward for their service to the Duchy of Saraswathi.


A sloop-rigged, single masted hoy with a light hull. Single-masted and with two decks, the Windseeker is a small merchantman not quite the size of an unrated sloop. She has a capacity of 50 tonnes burden and requires a crew of four to be sailed efficiently, with a maximum capacity of thirty normal sized passengers.

Keel: 57 ft (17.5 m)
Beam: 14 ft (4.2 m)

Speed: 8 – the light hull also ensures the ship has an excellent maneuverability in light winds.
Hull strength: Low – Not being a warship, the Windseeker is not built for combat.

A large hull allows for potentially extensive improvements at the expense of carrying capacity.


Originally ordered by a wealthy knight from Arroway City, the Windseeker has changed hands many times, but has retained it’s light weight and good sailing capabilities. Considered a versatile merchantman, it was recently confiscated for smuggling, and later given as a reward for destroying the goblin encampment north of Saraswathi Town.

The Windseeker

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