Duke Jamneiros of Saraswathi

Highlord of the North, Duke of Saraswathi


The duke of Saraswathi and most important man in the area. Human, born and bred, in the noble house of Waveharp that has been ruling for the last century. Devotee of Bahamut and generally trying to live up to the principle of Rex Justus.

Married to Duchess Lorathyra Waveharp, the Lady of the Marshes, half-elf.


Ascended the throne 18 years old, married at 24 to a half elf, customary marriage and not much of love. Has lead the duchy through famine and danger, but is facing an unknown crisis at the time being.

Friends and allies:
*Sir Davramos Fiedlerson, Constable of the Army and childhood friend, closest advisor.
*Duchess Lorathyra Waveharp, Lady of the Marshes, wife
*Olofire Dragonbane, former mentor and friend of the noble house, recently viewed with suspicion.

*None known – yet

Securing the prosperity and continued independence of the duchy, keeping the House safe.

Duke Jamneiros of Saraswathi

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